Explore at ease


9-5 job not gonna work, if you want to help ,contribute to your society, want to do  something, want to own your dream business…..etc,etc.

YOU area pool of talents and not like to explore within.

We do something and love something, we do not like to explore our capabilities on what we are, who we are, what we can do beyond our imaginations.

Maybe due to fear, maybe due to financial constraint, maybe due to lacking  of family support, due to illness and on and on , list goes on.

So, where do  YOU find YOUR passion, YOUR hobby, YOUR niche and HOW ?


Dorie Clark, Marketing strategist has answers for this important aspect.  Please listen her here Finding your breakthrough idea

Dorie has all the solutions,  if you are interested to learn alongside earn. Her courses available on thinkfic.com, Lynda.com, her articles available on

Her courses available on thinkfic.com, Lynda.com, her articles are available on entrepreneur magazine , Harvard magazine etc,  which are tons of valuable  breakthrough information

I find all these stuff  when searching for my niche , what are you looking for , seareching for?

The world is the real  market,where you can find your NICHE.

Let’s step out from your comfort zone,  Do find your niche to start your own .


Elon Musk on the right track

Once it was as a dream to landing on Mars and now beyond that dreaming colonising a human colony on Mars.

Once it was impossible to think going to Mars. But Elon make it easy for us now…….yeah it`s going to be  a wonderful journey to Mars and on Mars.

Numerous movies are on the line visualising about going to Mars, residing  on Mars and on and on……Which one you are liking ? One movie is there really to look at “The Mars Underground “.

Great entrepreneur Elon Musk presenting his plan in detail at ease here

Can not undermine the imagination of the people of this earth, dreaming, visualising, searching  for another suitable place for human to thrive etc. etc.

Technology like Rocket technology,Robot technology, Laser technology , all the concerned technology at hand are utilizing for this impossible space journey.

Still lacking something. We are just spiritual .

Elon Musk`s  preparation to colonizing on Mars is going on at SPACEX garage.

If you have query like “Why to Mars” , answers are already on earth

Hope we will established our human colony at ease.

Where are the Niches?

Where are you going to find out your dream niche ? Are they available in the market ?

What are those profitable niche ? Is it available at Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft,Amazon……….?

Niches are miracle! It can be create, innovate,developed or nurture at laboratory or at your working place.

Involvement are necessary for a miracle niche. Where are you involved now ? What is your karma ?

You can create yourself a solid nice with your passionate hobby like music, dance, writing, travel,crafting art,painting, cooking etc.etc……
Just get involved.You may heard the different types of niche fields are internet niche, technology niche,Green niche…

Of course we everybody knows the first couple Adam and Eva, the first human species, then evolving around to hundred, hundred to thousand then million to billion. Now where to find the niches? Yes, the answer lies within these hundred, thousand, millions of people.The story of your dream niche is within these huge communities.These communities are full of resources to create,develop a meaningful niche.

Have you heard the book “tribes: we need you to lead us” by Seth Godin. Tribe is about leading, connecting and creating movement as Seth Godin disclosing. Therein the niche!!!
So what is his message to masses through the book “tribes: we need you to lead us” ?

A tribe is consist of with purposes so that they can lead, create and revolutionize. Within a tribe, lots of things happen, lots of problem occured. Most importantly, there are lots of things to be explored.A leader or a group of people represent the whole tribe with one idea.People get connected, attracted and get involved and the deal rise up!

“Tribe management is a whole different way of looking at the world” as seth godin explained in his typepad blog.

Another book “47Hearts” is another wonderful book by Dr.Mani SivaSubramanian.How can this book help me to find a niche ? All these books revealing about a great niche and their passionate involvement.

How Steve Job got find his passion on Apple computer venture ? Steve Job revealed as “That’s been one of my mantras: focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” BusinessWeek, May 25, 1998

Do you follow the great internet niche experts like Joel comm, Mike Filsaime,Mark Joyner etc.etc….How they are rising their niche dynasty at ease ?
present active niche expert in their fields are Great investor,financial educator expert Robert Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur Richard Branson, Pop singer Madonna, Venture capitalist Guy kawasaki etc…

Got the point! just get involved and serendipity will follow automatically.

Heading the 21st century, new emerging fields are rising.World is now not going to sit back whatever the problem may be.Problems are now accepted as one great opportunity to challenged to overcome the risk and turned them into an golden egg.

Everybody referred to some places to explore dream niches are like TED, SWSX… Do you agree ? Where do you go ? Day to day life, working experiences are great significator of dream niche. Keep your eyes open and stay alert.

Are you an ego centric or karma centric person ? It depends to find out a niche .

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Business ethics and entrepreneurship.


Everybody is now worried about ethical part in business.Great leaders organising events on ethics. They are participating conference,forum, conducting workshop to encourage ethical behaviour amongst rising youths.

Ethics and entrepreneurships!. Both are inter related,string with each other!!!

So what are Business ethics. Are they solutions or marketing or an idea?


Business Ethics are rules or code of conduct of a business for a business within a business within a country.

Great ethical leader like Mahatma Gandhi saying that “politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character,commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice “‘ are 7 seven social sins

Ethics needed in every aspect of business like during set up of an new venture,introduction of product/service,dealing with customers,at the time of delivery product/service etc.etc. ..Even during social media,. Even bloggers do blog with some ethics so that nobody hurt, no violations arise .Do you know email etiquettes and follow accordingly so that nobody offended ? During networking, socializing one`s business everybody has to follow the correct business ethics or principle for a balanced environment.

Some great Ethical companies are Google, Macdonalds, General Motors etc….
What is Google ethics ? Of course “Don`t be EVIL “

What is facebook ethics that people are liking ?Why people making it worlds largest social networking site ?

Ethical Leaders : Who are those ethical leaders now revolutionizing the world of business ?
Now ethical leaders are more and more needed to make a world of business meaningful.

WHAT are those ethical business words ? Dedication, trustworthy, sincere,honesty,commitment,quality,permission,efficient, authorised, integritiy, co-operation, respect.. etc. Do you agree ?

Business Ethics a most important part of business.Without it business will sure one day out of market or death .Entrepreneurs should aware of this and act according to it for the benefit of masses vice-versa. Its a crime to do business without ethics.

Business ethics is a term to be acted within limited boundary envisages by govt. or by company itself.A business can flourish within an good ethical environment supported by masses.

Business rise, strive, expand because of high ethics, businesses got down because of lacking of ethics. Point to be noted.

YOU have some home work or assignments to do .

Q.1 WHAT is your code of ethics in business if you are an entrepreneur ?
Q.2. HOW are you going to revolutionize in ethical revolution within your business ?
Q.3. WHY and WHERE are you going to implement ethics in your business ?
Q.4. HOW are you going to do your business ? Ethically or unethically ? Choice is yours.
Q.5. WHO is your ethical role mode leader ?
Q.6. What are you doing to inspire ethical behaviour within your business everyday/day by day?

In fact, YOU got what YOU are. Industriousness is nothing but hard work, there is no easy way.

Your business may be under investigation OR under testing ? Choice is yours .

What is your Code of Conduct ?