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Elon Musk on the right track

Once it was as a dream to landing on Mars and now beyond that dreaming colonising a human colony on Mars.

Once it was impossible to think going to Mars. But Elon make it easy for us now…….yeah it`s going to be  a wonderful journey to Mars and on Mars.

Numerous movies are on the line visualising about going to Mars, residing  on Mars and on and on……Which one you are liking ? One movie is there really to look at “The Mars Underground “.

Great entrepreneur Elon Musk presenting his plan in detail at ease here

Can not undermine the imagination of the people of this earth, dreaming, visualising, searching  for another suitable place for human to thrive etc. etc.

Technology like Rocket technology,Robot technology, Laser technology , all the concerned technology at hand are utilizing for this impossible space journey.

Still lacking something. We are just spiritual .

Elon Musk`s  preparation to colonizing on Mars is going on at SPACEX garage.

If you have query like “Why to Mars” , answers are already on earth

Hope we will established our human colony at ease.


The great unexpected president of AMERICA

America now blessed with one great 45th president with billion dollar worth business background.

With his determine attitude and  mantra “Lets make America great again" really touched the heart of  millions of Americans. Mr Donald Trump always available for the greatest interest of America and born to serve America and  that`s no doubt

May God bless you and your dream come true!!!

Happy merry christmas


Lets fill the heart with merry and joy .

“The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas”. WC Jones

Will you please listen and implement some of these jems in your life as an entrepreneur

Art of deal


Important golden keys to be success as an entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs make mistakes.Please try to implement if you are an rising entrepreneur


Enhance your entrepreneurial spirit for a better, green world.


How to write/plan a strategic business plan as a start-up (part-III)

Now whatever may be the type of your business all venture has to go through a FOUR- STAGE-GROWTH model.They are

Early growth stage
Later growth stage

PRE-START-UP activities:

Do you have an IDEA ? If YES then proceed to

Business Concept Identified :After an idea emulate, an entrepreneur has to transformed that idea into reality.And that transformation has to be done by step by step in a planned manner.Unless otherwise failure is going to overwhelmed you. Entrepreneur should have the capability to ask or to point out the right questions about his venture concept to lead forward.

what is the goal of the venture to be start-up ?
What do you want to achieved or accomplished with this venture ?

Market Study : Before plunging into the business, do research about your product and market in detail again and again. Do not try venturing out without marketing.If you want your venture to be flourishing differently then specialize in the marketing segment of your product or service.In fact what are your marketing strategy to thrive in the market ?

Product research :Is the product or service feasible ? Realistic?viable ? What about the patent ?
Market Research : Who are the customer ? Where is the market ? who are the competitors ? What are the niche ? Is it possible to established the niche and how ? What are the different aspect of marketing strategy?What are the characteristic of the niche ? What about growth rate ? How to implement the sale forecast ?

Financial Planning :
Financial planning is nothing but cash management to be done in your dream venture .This is most important aspect and to be done consciously. Because cash is the key.No cash no business. A complete financial projection to be envisioned beforehand. If you are thinking about zero to million dollar business flourishing then how are you going to earn it and planning for it sincerely,diligently? Do whatever need for your business survival.

What cash needed or cash estimation and from where ? What about Cash flow generation ? How about ROI ? How to maintain the balance sheet ? How to manage the cash flow shortage or excess and if any financial crisis happened beforehand ? what about operating cost ? What debt/equity management? What about Seed capital arrangement /management ?


This is the stage from where business started as planning paradigm. So all the basic necessary needs to be arranged like physical infrastructure,office equipment,lease/rent etc. Depending on types of venture whether its agricultural/mining, manufacturing,real estate, transportation or utilities resources is to be arranged accordingly.All the administrative aspect to be cleared or arranged in this implementation stage as solid base.

To Be continued……………..


How to plan a strategic business plan as a start-up PART-II

Now, if you decided to start your dream venture then start writing your Business Plan on your selected and interested subject instead of jumping immediately to catch the business track.

What is Business Plan?

A Business Plan is a document sheet consist of well constructed preplanned activity for a product or service of a business to be sell in the market.In fact a complete preplanned calculation about balancing between profit and loss of a venture.

Why Business Plan needed ?

Business plan should not be just a plan about what to do, how to do, how to profit earning etc. etc. Your business plan is the mirror of your dream business venture. So be careful during crafting else all your energy, time and money will be wasted.

Business Plan help you to SELL you on the market. Planning help you to overcome from lots of unexpected. Even experienced entrepreneurs go for a business Planning.With a business plan seems to be dying venture can be revive.

Business Plan helps getting bank finance to start your venture. Bank or Financer will spot you or come forward to you if you have one clear,solid business plan.

A better strategic business plan is a green signal for venture capitalist looking for investing or funding.

Business Plan helps to get alliances with large company to work.

In today` s context, only a business plan can show you a right direction in mergers or acquisition spheres which is a great opportunity for start-up.

Business plan helps you to cope and adjusted in an opposite environment and accordingly roll on with all season.

Business Plan can help you get introduced you to the large corp. which are looking for a venture with a solid business plan which might help them to grow.

A clear,concise business plan help you to attract the right person at right time to get involved in with your venture.

Lots of unexpected aspect can be prevented with a Business plan.

We need study and research on our concerned topic before writing a Business plan.

So How about your business plan crafting going on ? Do you want help ?

“concentration, consistency, and cooperation” is the secret of success in business—swami pathasarathy

To Be Continuted…………………..

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How to write/plan for a strategic business plan ? PART I


Yeah how to proceed for a business plan to success and succeed and strive in these competitive market ?

A strategic business plan is a must to create a business.

Ask yourself what are you looking for ?

Do you know what do you want ?

First of all you have to decide what do you LOVE to do ?

Secondly , do you KNOW the business that you love to do and how much dip your interest level ?

Are you PASSIONATE about doing your business ?

Because PASSION leads you to go ahead whatever obstacle comes in your way to do your business.

WHY are you going to stat your business ? What are the WHY ?

Are they strong,meaningful,purposeful why ?

Without STRONG why you will be miserable or lost in these vast information era.You must be clear enough about your DREAM business.

According to Guy Kawakasi a business venture to be started should have a meaning.

Most important to be pondering is there any need of this business to society ?

“If you focus on making money, then you will fail because you must decide to focus on making a difference in people’s lives in to order earn the right to be financially free.” ——-John Di Lemme

Modern father of Management Peter Drucker says that “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

VISION…….vision…….vision………vision .

Vision your dream business which is going to revolutionized. Whatever you are aspiring for Keep visioning consistently.

THINK what type of business you want to start.

OBSERVE deeply amidst the surrounding environment.There are lot of things to be observed during selection of your start-up. Numerous business opportunity maybe heralding in the market. You have to spot which one is of your interested. If you are trusting the spoted one to start up then dare to varify at utmost care again and again. Proceed carefully and slowly.

Take help from experts .

So all these are theoretical aspect of a start-up business.


Do you the right person to do your dream business i.e do you really an entrepreneur to live on entrepreneurship ?

To write a strategic business plan there are lot of elements to take care .